Universal Remote Control

The Vincent RC-572 is a modern and sophisticated remote control system for all Vincent devices. The particular advantage of this remote is programmed in addition to the established codes of all Vincent products in the completely free choice of user interface and simple set via the included software on your computer.

The touch screen is easy to use with your fingers, but also can be used with the help of the stylus. This touch screen can be used with different page layouts as per the individual needs of clients. The USB port on the remote system and the PC Link software allows the home pages of the remote devices on the computer to an easy shape. The database of the RC-572 is preprogrammed with all of Vincent's own code till August 2008. There are many brands and codes available of other devices in the memory.If a device does not exist, so it's easy to learn the functions of the individual keys from the original remote. The intelligent software also allows multiple occupancy of single key icons, so you can successively start different IR commands from a key. Another very convenient feature is the whole macro programming. One would, for example: turn on the TV, then the satellite receiver, etc. for all these functions, you can use a macro ona button, the remote operates on a single key press than the individual commands.

An innovative product in your home would make large number of remotes disappear from the table, this along with a very good feel and intuitive operation.

Technical Specifications

  • Memory: 60MB
  • USB connector: miniUSB B socket
  • USB device class: mass storage
  • LC display with touchpad: monochrome
  • Dimensions: 72 x 130 x 30 mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 170 g
  • Batteries: 3x AAA (LR3)


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